Permitting & Regulatory Coordination

Permitting natural resource extraction projects in Alaska is one of SolstenXP’s core services.  We have permitted exploration drilling and other E&P activities for many companies including Hess Corporation (non-resident operator), ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., Anadarko, TotalFinaElf as well as smaller independent oil and gas companies.  We also have extensive in-house experience permitting mineral exploration and mining operations.
Our approach is results oriented as we realize that permit acquisition is part of a larger project.  We draw on our operations background to prepare permitting submittals that not only meet or exceed regulatory requirements but are also practical and workable in the field.

SolstenXP has the expertise to provide:

  • Preliminary Permit Planning 
  • Permit Applications for Exploration, Construction and Production.
  • Compliance Matrices
  • Alternative Analyses Matrices and Evaluations
  • NEPA (EA and EIS) Document Preparation
  • Site Safety Plans and Emergency Action Plans
  • Community Relations Plans and Outreach Support

Preliminary Permit Planning

In Alaska, permit requirements depend on the type of activity, the size of the project and seasonal timing, but land ownership will also have a major influence. Whether it is State, Federal, Native Corporation, Borough or private land, each landowner has unique permitting requirements specific to their properties. Government lands often come with a second layer of requirements specific to regional designations such as wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, areas of critical environmental concern, parks, and  land trusts. Sub-designations provide a third layer of requirements for priority uses related to wetlands, habitat, water rights, subsistence, hunting and fishing and recreation. SolstenXP provides a preliminary permitting matrix that outlines the permitting needs of a project  and explains the conditions under which they apply. A preliminary permitting matrix can inform management regarding project risks, scheduling, and costs to help management decide when and how to proceed with a project.

Permit Development

SolstenXP offers an opportunity to integrate project design and management with permitting. This optimizes the essential exchange of information between field operators, engineers and permitting personnel. This intra-office approach enables realistic, site appropriate permit applications and project proposals designed for reasonable and safe execution.

Ensuring Permit Compliance

SolstenXP’s permitting staff has worked in field operations and has hands-on experience managing environmental compliance for active projects. We use this expertise to design a compliance program that minimizes liabilities while operating under various permit stipulations.

Addressing Community and Stakeholder Concerns

Alaskan community and stakeholder concerns generally focus around potential environmental and subsistence impacts. Establishing a social license to operate is a function of responding respectfully to community concerns with easily understood information.  SolstenXP’s environmental permitting staff has experience in successfully meeting with local communities on these issues. We often provide poster sessions, presentations, and newsletters to help project owners to connect with local neighbors and stakeholders.

Permitting Project Examples

  • ConocoPhillips - Warthog #1 exploration well
  • Aurora Exploration – Theodore River #1 and Chedatna Lakes #1 exploration wells
  • PacRim Coal – Chuitna Coal Project draft permit review of supplemental EIS review
  • TotalFinaElf - National Petroleum Reserve Alaska Caribou exploration wells
  • Anadarko - Altamura #1, drilling and P&A
  • BPXA - Trailblazer exploration well location and ice road in NPRA
  • ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. - Warthog #1 remote exploration well on the OCS in the Beaufort Sea
  • Aurora Gas – Moquawkie, Long Lake, Nicolai Creek and Three Mile Creek development programs
  • ExxonMobil - Point Thomson well remediation program