Drilling Rig Services

Drilling Rig Operations

SolstenXP can evaluate rig systems for exploration or development operations that meet the specific needs of a project and fit into the lowest cost logistical solution to minimize overall well costs.  If your operations require an innovative rig solution, SolstenXP can identify cost-effective rig options that are aligned with the operator's objectives.

SDC Management and Mobilization

SolstenXP is experienced in the management and operations of the SDC (formerly Canmar SSDC). This vessel is the only remaining Arctic submersible available for drilling exploration wells in the Beaufort Sea. The SDC was re-commissioned in August 2002 by SolstenXP and utilized for drilling of the McCovey exploration well during the 2002/2003 Beaufort Sea winter drilling season. SolstenXP provides management and operations personnel for the drilling vessel including full marine and rig crews.