Infrastructure and Facilities

The SolstenXP team has the experience, expertise and capability to manage the most challenging infrastructure and facilities construction projects.  SolstenXP has been the project manager for a variety of client companies throughout Alaska for construction projects including ice and gravel road and pads, pipelines, production facilities and decommissioning.

Depending on specific client needs, SolstenXP offers a full range of services to achieve the successful completion of infrastructure and facilities construction projects.

  • Project Management
  • Development planning
  • Engineering and design coordination
  • Cost estimating, scheduling and control 
  • Field supervision
  • Permitting and environmental regulatory coordination with agencies
  • Community relations
  • Materials procurement and supply chain management
  • Complete logistics support package 

Infrastructure and Facilities Project Examples

ExxonMobil Production Company – Point Thomson Phase 1 Development

SolstenXP provided general contracting services for ExxonMobil during Phase 1 of the Point Thomson field development.  During this phase of the project, SolstenXP contracted for and managed all field operations for supporting drilling operations at the location with the exception of the drilling contractor.  Phase 1 included 60 miles of sea ice road construction, installation of an insulated drilling pad, fuel farm construction and filling, waste management, HSE and personnel coordination and all logistics management.

Rampart Energy – Nunivak #1 Gravel Road and Pad

The Nunivak #1 well was drilled approximately four miles from the town of Nenana.  In addition to managing the drilling operations, SolstenXP designed and managed the construction for four miles of gravel road and the drilling pad. 

A wetlands survey was included as part of the design process for layout of the gravel infrastructure and a barge landing on the Nenana River was also part of the design program.

Aurora Gas Pipeline - Pipeline and Facilities

SolstenXP worked with Aurora Gas, LLC to develop several west side Cook Inlet gas fields into production. 

Project activities included permitting, recompletion and drilling of wells as well as installation of production facilities and pipelines.

West McArthur River Unit Development

SolstenXP designed and supervised the construction of two miles of eight-inch oil line and six-inch gas line onshore at the West McArthur River Unit in Cook Inlet Basin. 

This project involved securing right-of-way access through the BLM and private landowners in addition to regular permitting activities, engineering, commissioning and construction management.

BP Exploration (Alaska) - Trailblazer Exploration Program

SolstenXP served as project manager for 78 miles of ice road construction for BP’s Trailblazer exploration drilling program.

SolstenXP managed all ice road and pad construction operations including HSE coordination, field supervision, cost tracking, daily progress reporting and permit compliance.

Forest Oil - Osprey Platform Installation Support

SolstenXP participated in the project team that installed Platform Osprey for Forest Oil Corporation.  SolstenXP conducted seafloor investigations, measured tidal currents through the full height of the water column at both the set down location and on the approach route and installed instrumentation on the platform jacket that reported detailed real-time measurements between the bottom of each leg and the seafloor.  During the installation operation, we coordinated the activities of the tow vessels with oceanographic conditions and predicted the response of the tow (the platform) to effect a “bulls-eye” set down.

When the platform legs were on the seafloor and the barge released, SolstenXP monitored progressive leg penetration through several tide cycles using both GPS and tiltmeter instrumentation that was installed on the platform.  Once we confirmed that leg penetration had stabilized and the platform was secure, operations were turned over to the pile-driving contractor.