Exploration Project Management

Exploration project management is a core service provided by SolstenXP. We have worked with numerous clients to develop and execute exploration projects with a particular emphasis on remote Arctic and offshore operations. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals has the experience and capability to manage and execute all phases of exploration operations. Depending on specific client needs, we can provide the following suite of services as a comprehensive program, or individual services as required to supplement an operator's team.

  • Permitting and regulatory coordination
  • Drilling engineering and supervision
  • Road and pad construction management
  • Cost estimating, scheduling and control
  • Materials procurement and supply chain management
  • Vendor support services procurement and management
  • Waste management planning and disposal
  • GIS mapping
  • Community relations
  • Wildlife surveys and interaction planning
  • Site clean-up and coordination for agency inspection
  • End of well reports

Exploration Project Examples

ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. - Turnkey Drilling

SolstenXP was contracted to undertake the wintertime drilling of the Warthog #1 offshore exploration well in the Beaufort Sea. This project was performed on a lump sum turnkey basis utilizing the bottom-founded arctic class MODU Concrete Island Drilling System (CIDS) Glomar Beaufort Sea I drilling vessel. The CIDS has since been refitted for permanent installation offshore Sakhalin.

For the Warthog #1 project, SolstenXP performed the site clearance work, all State and Federal permitting, drilling engineering, rig site supervision, logistics management and rig move coordination for a 60 mile rig move from the stack site to the well location in Camden Bay. SolstenXP contracted all necessary service and equipment suppliers to complete the well on time and within budget. The Warthog #1 well remains to this day, the lowest cost well drilled in the Beaufort Sea from an offshore vessel.


Hess Corporation – Northstar No. 3

Hess Corporation contracted SolstenXP to to manage the drilling of the Northstar #3 well which was drilled to an offshore Beaufort Sea target from a barrier island. SolstenXP was the overall project manager for all operations on the well with responsibility for permitting, contracting of well services, grounded ice road construction, drilling engineering and all field supervision. At the conclusion of drilling, SolstenXP plugged and abandoned the well, demobilized all the equipment from the location and completed all end-of-well reports.

Subsequent to the Northstar #3 well operations, SolstenXP plugged and abandoned the wells on both Seal Island and Northstar Island for Hess. The wells were abandoned as part of a greater island decommissioning program due to severe storm damage to the Islands during the previous fall season.

Eni Petroleum - Rock Flour wells #2, #3 and #4 and the Maggiore #1

SolstenXP was the general contractor for Eni for the drilling of four exploration wells on the North Slope. These wells were Eni’s initial entry into the Alaskan operating theater and SolstenXP was able to provide the Eni team with local experience and field supervision that resulted in expedited permitting, planning, contracting and drilling of the exploration wells.

In addition, SolstenXP managed the site clean-up and final inspection of the drill sites and ice road routes with the State of Alaska and the North Slope Borough.

Brooks Range Petroleum Corporation - Sak River #1, North Shore #1 and North Shore #3 , Tofkat #1

SolstenXP assisted Brooks Range Petroleum with exploration drilling operations on multiple wells drilled over five seasons.

In this capacity, SolstenXP provided drilling engineering and supervision along with comprehensive procurement and logistics management and final close out of the wells.

Armstrong Oil & Gas LLC - North Fork Unit #41-35, NFU #34-26 ,NFU #14-25, NFU #32-35.

SolstenXP was contracted to manage the grass roots drilling operations, well testing and the work-over program for development of the North Fork Unit gas field on the Kenai Peninsula.

For this program, we provided drilling and completion engineering, on-site supervision, comprehensive materials procurement and logistics management.

UltraStar Exploration – Oliktok Pt. State #1 and Dewline #1

SolstenXP was the project manager for UltraStar on two North Slope exploration wells.

As project manager, we coordinated ice road and pad construction, performed drilling engineering and on-site supervision, materials procurement, logistics support, final P&A and all agency reporting as agent for UltraStar.

Anadarko - Altamura #1

SolstenXP was contracted by Anadarko to provide drilling permitting support services for the Altamura #1 exploration well in the NPRA area. The well was suspended for several years and after the determination was made to P&A the well, SolstenXP performed the final P&A of the well on a lump sum basis for Anadarko.

Gubik #3 and Chandler #1

Subsequent to the Altamura well, SolstenXP supported Anadarko for the Gubik #3 and Chandler #1 wells located approx. 50 - 70 miles southwest of the Kuparuk River Unit (KRU) near Umiat. The well locations were accessed by all-terrain vehicles including rollagons and steigers over a 55 mile trail. For this program, SolstenXP provided project management, drilling supervision, logistics management and field coordination, HSE technical services and other field and office support functions.


Great Bear Petroleum - Alcor #1, Merak #1, Alkaid #1

SolstenXP supported the exploration wells for the first unconventional resource shale exploration program on the North Slope. We provided Great Bear with comprehensive field operations management for the drilling operations. Our work scope included project management, logistics coordination, drilling engineering, on-site drilling supervision, materials and services procurement and end of well operations. SolstenXP was integral to developing the project approach for these wells whereby they were drilled on previously disturbed gravel surfaces adjacent to the Dalton Highway that allowed summer operations and eliminated the need for the traditional ice road and pad infrastructure.