Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

When operating in remote and challenging environments, effective management of the project logistics and supply chain can minimize overall cost and contribute greatly to project success.

SolstenXP routinely manages procurement, contracting for materials and services, expediting, real-time tracking, transportation, consolidation and staging of materials utilizing our internal resources and sub-contracted partners.

Often these projects are located over 100 miles from established infrastructure with severe cost and operational consequences if the project schedule is delayed by a lack of equipment or materials.

SolstenXP partners with experienced service providers to form an integrated supply chain and logistics team to meet the needs of the project.

These partners include trucking, barging, freight forwarding, aviation and software companies whose services are managed by SolstenXP to deliver a logistics and supply chain support network across all modes of transportation.

SolstenXP also facilitates all tracking, communication and reporting requirements for the team to provide real-time data for cost scheduling, project management, and client needs.