HSE Safety Management System


At SolstenXP, we value our employees above all else.  Thus, our commitment to world class Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance is driven by the expectation that all employees are able to return home from work without injury and that our work practices protect the environment.  Our experience has shown that an effective HSE system is best driven from the bottom up by empowered employees with full management support and commitment at the top..

Review our SolstenXP Corporate HSE Policy Statement 

Continual improvement of our HSE Management System is a major priority at SolstenXP.  To achieve this, we use both a personal and systematic approach to creating an incident-free safety culture that values every employee’s input while providing a framework within which to reliably plan, implement, monitor and manage HSE systems throughout the organization.  Our HSE Management System contains the following elements:

The SolstenXP HSE Management System applies to all operations conducted by SolstenXP.  Any new acquisition, project, joint venture or contract controlled by SolstenXP shall meet or exceed its requirements.