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Our Company

SolstenXP is a project life cycle petroleum engineering and natural resource service company headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. We provide project management, engineering and contracting services for natural resource industries in Alaska and beyond.  Our staff routinely plan and execute large projects in challenging environments and we pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions to reduce costs, improve safety, save time and enhance project value.


The name SolstenXP is a combination of the word Solsten which is the Nordic translation of “Sunstone” and the suffix letters XP.  Early Viking explorers to North America and other north Atlantic mariners used solstens while navigating through thick fog and cloud cover before the advent of the compass (see the recent discovery documenting sunstone use).  At SolstenXP, we too are explorers with a real connection to the sea through our extensive history working offshore.

The XP suffix for the company name represents the following core elements of our people and organization:

•         eXcellence and Professionalism;

•         eXperienced Personnel; and

•         eXploration and Production

SolstenXP Logo
The SolstenXP logo was created immediately after selecting the Company name.  Our logo represents the warmth of the midnight sun and our unique brand.  The X in the logo also resembles a Solsten where it is transmitting light from one point to another through its structure.


For a more detailed overview of our company, the SolstenXP Statement of Qualifications can be requested by email at: info@solstenxp.com

Our Services

Exploration Project Management

Exploration Project Management is a core business service provided by SolstenXP. We work with clients to plan and implement exploration projects with a particular emphasis on remote Arctic and offshore operations.


Permitting and Regulatory Coordination

SolstenXP offers permitting services for a wide range of exploration and production operations, for mining, oil, and gas. We have excellent working relationships with Federal, State and Local government agencies and stakeholders.

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Turnkey - Lump Sum Contracting

SolstenXP offers Turnkey Drilling services for exploration drilling operations in Alaska. Additional services offered on a lump sum basis include decommissioning, facilities construction, well plug and abandonment and other special projects.


Professional Staffing and Consulting

When operators require additional resources to support operations in the field or office, SolstenXP provides contract labor services for a multitude of disciplines including:

• Drilling Engineering & Supervision
• Logistics / Transportation
• Health Safety & Environmental
• Infrastructure and Project Management

See our Employment section for more available positions. 

Drilling Rig Operations

SolstenXP is experienced in the evaluation and operation of drilling rigs in the difficult logistical environment of exploration and development drilling in Alaska.  We have managed several workover and drilling rigs including the SDC Arctic submersible drilling vessel.

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Infrastructure and Facilities Construction

Our staff has experience in the design and construction of ice and gravel roads, drilling pads, pipelines and production facilities.  SolstenXP works with key subcontractors to provide complete infrastructure packages to meet the exploration and development needs of our clients.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

SolstenXP maintains an integrated supply chain and logistics team to support any project. We facilitate and manage procurement, transportation, tracking, communication and reporting requirements to provide real-time data for cost scheduling and project management needs.

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SolstenXP provides specialized decommissioning services including well plugging and abandonment, site restoration, platform and facilities removal and pipeline abandonment.  These services are offered on both turnkey and T&M basis to industry and State and Federal agencies.

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